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Worlds Best Strings has a little secret about keeping you on the field or on the range longer and shooting arrows straighter and faster.

We make high quality bow strings of varying lengths for all makes and models of archery bows.

Please browse our website for information about us and our products. You can also view customer testimonials and even purchase strings online! If you have any questions or would like to purchase your bow-strings by another method please feel free to contact us.


New for 2014

Nice Rack

C5 peeps

Over the years Worlds Best String's has built a reputation that now comes second to none. Having worked so hard to build such a reputation, we make it a point to only use the best equipment for our strings on the market. That is why we are proud to announce that World's Best is teaming up with C5 peep's. The technology behind C5 peeps allows for more light to gather in the aperture, in turn giving you that extra bit of time needed as light starts to fade. Having the lightest weight peep on the market, C5 peep's also gives the opportunity to get the most speed out of your string. It is for these reason's that Worlds Best String's now uses C5 string components exclusively! Make sure to give them a try. You won't be disappointed!

Tri-splined String

New for our 2014 lineup, World's best string's is proud introduce the "Tri-splined string!" For this year, the Tri-spline is pre-stretched under 1250PSI. Built under more than twice the PSI than any other string company in the industry, we stand behind tolerances with full guarantee. Using the best string material, our strings are performing at only one level, "Flawless!"

Strings and cables will be built to your preference. We all know how crucial nock fit is. For this reason, we can center serve your string in thicknesses anywhere from ".108 -.120" thousand's of an inch. With that being said, let's go over just a bit of how your next string will be built!

Stage one of the process is pre-streching the strand material at "1250 psi."

Stage two; While stretched in the string machine, the strings are then served bonding the serving and string material, (crucial point in serving process).

Stage three; Relieving the string from string machine and re-stretching it for a second time as a one finished product. The result, a set of strings and cable's that are totally stable! These three stage's are what make the "Tri-splined string.

They say the last ten percent of a painting is what can make the difference between just another piece of art, or a Masterpiece! Though bow companies are always striving to build the best bows on the market, it is what you do to the string that will help to get the most efficiency from the bow. With an average of a 4-6fps gain with World's best string's, it is a no brainer that we've done our homework on string efficiency. Throw in our new speed nocks, and you can expect up to a 10fps gain.

All of our string and cable ends come standard served. This allows for less wear on string ends. Alway's a plus!

So, if you're looking for a string that is going to keep it all together for you in crunch time, give us a call!

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