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World's Best Strings

When I was in a pinch your strings kept it all together for me.
I can't say thanks enough for making such a great Product - Yahsti Perkins

I am an avid bowhunter. I have also been fortunate enough to win 13 medals (4 gold) at Canadian 3D Championships shooting in the Masters division. After knowing Al for 15 years and using his strings I am very impressed with the strings and Al's knowledge. Garry Glen

Don't know if you remember me, you built me a string for my Bowtech Destroyer. Shot a huge muley the other day & wanted to send you a picture!!! - Brent Gust

Elk-A-Holics Anonymous:
Neil B. Stratton
L.O.S.T Arrow Archery

big mfers

Scott Stirling 2011 whitetail

Hi, I just wanted to be one of the first to Congratulate Allan on getting a website up and running.

I first met Allan in 1998 at the 3 - D Nationals at Buffalo Pound in Saskatchewan. I had the pleasure of shooting with Allan & his nephew Robert. This is when I learned that Allan made Bow-Strings and grips. Allan was just getting started back then and asked if I would like to try one of his custom made strings. I agreed to try one at that time & have shot nothing but his strings ever since.


I have owend several bows from Jennings, Bear, Mathews and Hoyt. As soon as I received my new bow from Allan Mitchell at Battleford Bait & Tackle, I would contact Allan and order a new string installing it myself. I have also installed several of Allan's strings for fellow archers who have also been impressed with the string quality.

About three years ago I ordered a new string from Allan for my new Hoyt Ultra Elite that I just Purchased. I received the string in the spring and immediately put it on my bow. I had no problem tuning or timing my bow and was quickly shooting very tight groups at 40 meters.

I then shot both indoor target and outdoor 3-D tournaments until the fall hunting season. I had shot several thousand arrows and never noticed any signs of fraying or wear. I then went Elk, Moose, & Whitetail hunting with the same string with only slight sings of wear from carrying the bow & the string rubbing against my clothes. A small application of Allan's special string wax and the string immediately looked like new.

I cannot say enough about the quality strings that Allan makes. I have attached a few photos of some animals that I have harvested using his strings.

Best of luck with your new web-site.
Your fellow archer
Ken Palen
Clavet Saskatchewan

shoot mountain

Hi my name is Ashley Wallace, I am 22 years old. I am currently a National shooter for Hoyt through Monsens, I am also a pro staff shooter for Vortex, also sponsored by worlds bests strings and grips and I am a part of the contingency program with Easton. I have been shooting a bow for almost eleven years. I am into Indoor Target, Outdoor FITA, Field and 3D shooting.

I travel approximately 240 kilometres(approx 130 miles from Redcliff to Lethbridge) once a week for coaching from Jude Hooey. I have now been to 4 world events representing Canada(2 junior worlds and now 2 outdoor senior worlds).I have been on Team Alberta for the 2003 and 2007 Canada Winter Games & the 2003 Western Alberta Games, I am also apart of the Alberta High Performance program. I shoot approximately 5-6 times a week and I practice for about 2-4 hrs each time I go.

Jason Juhan - age 13 took first place in Alberta Winter Games 2008.
The whole family of five shoots World's Best Strings.

I have attended Canadian 3-D Nationals from 1999-2008 placing either gold or silver. In 2007 I traveled to the World Fita 3-D Championships in Sopron Hungry. I placed fifth in the qualification round.

The best strings by far in my opinion are world's Best Strings
The name says it all. I have been shooting Allan's strings for over four years now. They have never let me down, even with all the arrows I have put through my bow's hunting or competing in the 3-D events.I have found World's Best to be dependable and long lasting no matter what I put them through,under all conditions.Allan and Barb are great people to deal with! Thanks again.

Cody Draper

View Cody's Shooter Resume

I own and operate an archery pro shop here in Alberta Canada, stock strings on all makes of bows were to say the least-disappointing, we tried every custom string out there, with varied results, some were much better than the stock string / cables, however they were costly and we had problems with distributing, then we obtained a string/cable from Worlds Best Strings--with no expectations we installed the string and cable, my first impression was the quality of the string and cable, and how the string /cable installed so close to bow manufacturers specifications, the second impression was on how fast the string / cable settled, and stretch or creep was so minimal. The huge asset that amazed us was that the servings are rock solid and do not separate or creep either, than when we thought it could not get any better...we were presently surprised that Worlds Best Strings cost us less than stock strings, and we could pass that on to our customers, every single shooter in our club now has their custom strings on their bows, and we even stock new bows with Worlds Best Strings....Truly
Worlds Best
Neil B. Stratton
L.O.S.T. Arrow Archery

This past bow hunting season, I made a lifetime dream come true-a
Caribou hunting adventure in the NWT Canada, a harsh and unforgiving
barren land, with extreme weather conditions, equipment has to stand up,
that's why "Worlds Best Strings" were a major part of my bow set up, I
trust their strings and cables 100% to endure the punishment the
elements and myself hand out, and when your 1000 miles from the nearest
bow pro-shop, you have to have the best, which I did-Worlds Best
dependable Strings and Cables.
Neil B. Stratton

As a "Bow-Tech" at my local archery shop/lanes I work on a lot of bows, changing strings and tuning is a major part of my work, it is a pleasure working with Worlds Best Strings as they make bow spec tuning easy, we install-tune to spec easily-shoot a couple dozens arrows and do a quick recheck on specs....its that easy--we never have to tune to specs again and bow is virtually maintained free, other than waxing occasionally.

---Thank You Worlds Best Strings.
Blaine Wakefield

My favourite archery shop installed a set of Worlds Best Strings - strings and cables because the stock string and cable on my bow was far beyond creep it stretched, Worlds Best strings settled in only a few shots and my bow was spec tuned for good, outstanding strings and cables---"If you wanna Tak-em you have to use Worlds Best"

Clay Charlton

First thing "Out of the Box"- is installing Worlds Best Strings.

I like to shoot - a lot --stock strings can not keep up to me - so I installed Worlds Best Strings-thousands of trouble free shooting and 1 that really counted. Outstanding Strings.

Chris Bauer

Want the best-Shoot the BEST...

 Worlds Best Strings


I just want to congratulate Allan and Barb on getting their website up and running.

I have been using Allan’s strings and grips for the last 10 years.  Allan’s strings and grips have played a major role in my success in harvesting one of the largest velvet white tail deer in Saskatchewan, and winning the Indoor Canadian 3D Championship.

Knowing Allan personally, he has constantly upgraded his string-making machine and sought out all of the best material possible to make his strings.  When you purchase one of Allan’s strings you not only get 100% quality, but the knowledge to back them up.

For this reason, Allan’s strings are the World’s Best Strings.

All the best,

Ross MacAngus

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